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I am a Professor at the University of Sydney and the Director of the Australian Centre for Field Robotics. I obtained a BE at the Universidad Nacional del Sur in 1980 and MSc and PhD at Colorado State University in 1989.I was born in Argentina and came to Australia in 1992 to take an academic position at the University of Sydney.

My main area of research are in Field Robotics, in particular navigation, sensing, automation and safety. Over the past 15 years I have been involved in a large number of industrial projects that make use of our fundamental research contributions such as autonomous straddle carriers, mine safe hauling and autonomous train cargo loading among others. I am also a cofounder of the University of Sydney and CRCMining spinoff Acumine that is successfully introducing innovative mining safety technology in mines around the world.

I am currently associate Editor of the Journal of Field Robotics and part of the organising committee of the Intelligent Vehicle Symposium (IV2013) to be held in Australia in 2013

About Me

IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium 2013   (

I will be organising the Workshops with Dr Juan Nieto. Please contact us is you are interesting in organising, contributing or assisting to the workshop

What Matters Campaign

The University of Sydney is organising a campaign with series of presentations. I am presenting an overview of our group work in Safety:


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