Ute Modelling Information


Motion Model


We are using an Ackerman Model:




Now, if we translate our model to the gps and laser point, let us call this point.




The velocity  is measured with an encoder locate in the back left wheel. This velocity is translated to the center of the axle with the following equation:



For our vehicle:



Finally the discrete model in global coordinates can be approximated with the following set of equations:




Figure 1: Vehicle kinematics




Observation Model


Observation model for range and bearing sensor:




Figure 2: Vehicle and Laser sensor





Appendix A



A.1 Motion Model Jacobians:



A.2 Observation Model Jacobians:



For the Slam case, where the state vector is the vehicle posse and beacons position:



Appendix B


Ute Dimensions:

2 Sensors



2.1 Sensors available in the Ute


Dead Reckoning:


Velocity Encoder and Steering angle


Inertial Measument Unit: 3 accel / 3 gyros / 2 inclinometers ( Watson Unit )


External Sensors: