I am now at the Robotics Design Lab. This is my old ACFR homepage (kept for reference).
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The ACFR Agile Control Project Group

Surya P. N. Singh

Research Fellow and Lecturer (Mechatronics)
in the Australian Centre for Field Robotics
at The University of Sydney

spns (at) acfr (dot) usyd . edu . au

Office: Room 315, Engineering Link Building (J13)
                (mailing address)            (directions to ACFR)

Phone:   (office)  +61 (2) 903-65054.
   (fax) +61 (2) 9351-7474     (mobile) +61 (4) 3106-7594


My view is that robotics must move beyond its stiff hackneyed stereotype.
Thus, I research dynamic systems with interests in agile motion over terrain. A motivating application of which is mineral extraction. Another is human motion.


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Thesis: Self-contained Measurement of Dynamic Legged Locomotion: Design for Robot and Field Environments

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