Motion Planning Seminar Series

Motion planning is of interest in various projects in robotics as it is how intelligent decisions translate into intelligent action.  
Put anotherway, motion drives robots, and robots drive us.

The idea behind the seminar series is to discuss and share knowledge on the various topics that make up this vast subject.  The initial focus is on sample-based motion planning methods such as Rapidly-exploring Random  Trees (RRTs), Probabilistic Roadmaps (PRMs), and randomized potential fields.   If you are new to motion planning,  the motion planning chapter of the Springer Handbook on Robotics is a good start.

Meeting  Time & Place:

The seminar meets from 1:00-2:30 pm on alternating Tuesdays in the RTCMA Meeting Room (Link Bldg., J13, Room #325).    

Reading Materials:

The reading materials being discussed in the seminar (cached locally for convenience, ACFR access only).  Be sure to also see materials in the Repository.

Optional Materials:   


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SpnS - Feb/09/2009